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Welcome to Adar; the month of Simcha! Smile! You're on camera! Welcome to PhotoBooth!
This month we are proud to introduce two new projects to promote Simcha.

1) Spirit Day (every Tuesday, you will dress up as a "spirit." We will let you know the theme and can't wait to see you all dressed up!
2) Make your Bubby and Zeidy SMILE and call them to wish them a good Shabbos!

Watched the video? E-mail

March 6th, Yud Bais Adar- Hat Day (12:30 PM EST in rally room girls)*
March 13th, Yud Tes Adar- Camp Day (12:30 PM EST in rally room girls)*
March 20th, Chof Vov Adar- Twin Day (12:30 PM EST in rally room girls)*
*for G2-G8. G1 classes will show their costumes/spirit in their individual classroom.

Slides of our Rosh Chodesh Assembly

Grear Job to our weekly winners:
Week 1: Rivka Friedman
Week 2: Chaya Mushka Groner
Week 3: Chaya Gittel Jacobson 

My name is   and I called my Bubby and/or Zeidy (or aunt and uncle) to wish them a Good Shabbos. I  called them for the Shabbos of Parshas .  I made them happy.